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Equipment List


Panasonic AU-EVA1 *5.7k, 240 fps in 2K 5.7k sensor, 4K & 1920 recording

Sony FS7 *4K

Sony FX9 *6k

Panasonic GH5S *4k

Panasonic GH5 *4K

Go pro

Equipment List

Lenses (Cannon)

Equipment List


3 Sennheiser g3 wireless systems 
Lavalier mic’s 
Zoom recorder
Boom mic’s 
2 Shure SM58’s handhelds 
Equipment List


Dracast led panels ; Colour variable

Other support lights, grip, and gels

Equipment List

Support Gear

Full handheld rig

Follow focus rig

Shoulder mounts and handles

Manfrotto tripod


Green screen and background

Atmos Ninja V

3 GoPros

Metabones adapter

Ronin S
Nucleus M follow focus motors 
Equipment List


Compared to a manually controlled camera, robotic cameras can be mounted most anywhere and controlled remotely. A traditional tripod system can still be used for many applications. 

An industry benefit to using our RoboCam system is it ability to perform very smooth, slow and precise movements. Either preprogrammed or on the fly, using a control panel. The operator controls the head movements as well as the changes of focus and zoom of the cameras system.

We are happy to provide both rental and operator for our RoboCams! 

Equipment List

IMAG / Livestream

Packages available.